About us




     In 1980 the Stockbridge Inn building was purchased and completely renovated inside and out by The Abdalla's. As the Restaurant took shape, many a fancy name was debated over until the simplest name was decided upon. On May 1, 1981 Michael's Restaurant and Lounge was born.

      Throughout the years the menus and faces have changed but the ownership has stayed the same and the commitment to plentiful, good food and pleasantly quick service has been our pride. Michael's Restaurant has also prided itself on the fact that we have a welcoming and warm atmosphere and a safe and clean bar and lounge, a favorable place for people to meet.

      Michael's Restaurant have always expected a little extra from its staff, only because it expected extra from itself in the fact that Michael's Restaurant did not want to be just a place to eat, but a place to come back to year after year and week after week. If you give a little extra, you get a little extra.


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